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Latest Quality Builds

Cresco will do our absolute best to ensure that your home building experience is positive and enjoyable –

from dirt to doorstep.


You will be in the care of our designated customer service representative, beside you every step of the way.

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Step 1


Once you approve the deal, you will be invited into the office to sit down and meet with Cresco’s Customer Experience Coordinator. They will explain your next steps, and answer any questions you may have.

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Step 2

You will be able to choose the selections you find most attractive for your new home from our high-quality, respected, and industry-leading suppliers. You will be able to visit their showrooms to choose your colours and style to make it your own.


Step 3

Upon closing Cresco will perform a closing walk-through to ensure your home is completed to your satisfaction. You will be accompanied by Cresco’s Construction Supervisor, who will answer any questions you may have about both the home and process.