Many Cresco customers are repeat buyers. Customer satisfaction is extremely important and Cresco will do whatever we can to ensure the customer has a positive Cresco Experience, from dirt to doorstep.

"Since we were a young couple, we have owned six different homes. This most recent home, which was built by Cresco, has been the first we have had custom-built from a model home. We have been pleased with the great service provided. It was simple for us as once we decided on one of the six different styles available for the particular street we chose, we simply had to choose our paint colours, flooring and lighting from the options presented. Our new home was completed by the expected date and there were no surprises with the final cost. We are happy with the follow up policy that Cresco gives their buyers. After the homeowner lives in the dwelling for 12 months, Cresco ensures that if there is any flaws, such as nail pops or gyprock cracks, etc. they will repair at no charge. Cresco stands behind their work, and that is the assurance that any new homeowner needs, whether it is their first or sixth home!”

Flora & Kevin P, The Ravines of Bedford South, Bungalow Townhome

Since purchasing our bungalow townhome from Cresco, we have been very impressed with the attentiveness and professionalism of Cresco's staff. The customer service we have received has been above and beyond! Recently staff has addressed our concerns following our one year inspection. From Jessica, Customer Experience Coordinator to Danny, Service Coordinator, we received immediate support for our concerns. As well, repairs were completed in a timely fashion and to our utmost satisfaction. We have been very pleased with the quality of the construction of our home! We would highly recommend Cresco to family and friends. Thank you for making our home buying a rewarding experience!”

Cindy & Bernard J, The Ravines of Bedford South, Bungalow Townhome

"It's not too often you find home builders that truly put customer service first, but Cresco is definitely one of them. We built our home with Cresco remotely, while living in Ontario, and they did everything they could to make the process seamless and worry-free. There were no delays, no hidden costs, and no surprises of any sort - we were thrilled, especially since we'd heard building could be stressful. Not with Cresco! After moving in, every tiny issue with fixed almost immediately, with no hassle. Without question, we'd choose Cresco to build our next home."

Julia K, Russell Lake West, Dartmouth, Two-Storey Home

"We had CRESCO build us our custom dream home and it was such an exceptional experience that I had to write about it. Since moving to Nova Scotia in 2006, I’ve had three homes built by three different builders and although the first two were totally satisfactory experiences, the CRESCO experience was remarkable. From the beginning, when my wife and I had our first contact with CRESCO in the form of Amanee Mousavi, we knew that we were in good hands. This was followed up with a meeting with our Customer Service Rep, Jessica MacLennan and then Breanne Markotich who took great care of us and all our needs and professionally dealt with our incessant questions, even a year after taking possession of our home. Dealing with Tracy MacKenzie and Martin Livingston in order to nail down the floor plan of our home to dealing with all the various subcontractors for decorating our home was made so absolutely easy and enjoyable. During the actual construction of our home, I had the pleasure of dealing with the most personable and meticulous Construction Manager I’ve ever met, Brian, who looked after every detail of the construction with the eye of a Swiss watchmaker. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the outstanding services of Danny Cooredato as well. From top to bottom, the quality of the building materials used and the quality of workmanship in our home is top-notch. This can only be accomplished through attention to detail and a team of dedicated professionals, which CRESCO has in spades. I would strongly recommend CRESCO, and I have, to anyone who wanted a superior built home with a team who would make the entire experience a truly memorable one. Sincerely, Richard & Joy"

Richard & Joy D

I had been looking for a new home but was unsatisfied with the layouts of what was available. I looked into new construction with Cresco because of all the positive things I had heard about how easy they were to work with. The Construction Manager, Brian, was able to solve any problem that came up. I also relied upon Jessica, Customer Experience Coordinator, to help me through the home building process. She would always answer my questions or find someone who could. All in all, they helped turn what could have been very stressful into a good experience.”

Janet M, Russell Lake West, Dartmouth, Bungalow

This was a new build, therefore it was very encouraging to see Cresco apply the hands on approach when assisting us. During the selection process, Cresco was very helpful and timely in responding to the issues and questions Amber and I may have had. When issues did arise, Cresco was always very friendly and helpful in rectifying the situation.


As we neared the closing date, Cresco gave us a walkthrough and ensured most things had been completed to our satisfaction. And anything we pointed out for fixing, was resolved immediately. This allowed for a smooth closing of our new house.


We have been very pleased with Cresco’s attention to detail, and appreciate Cresco finishing up any last minute items that need to be completed.


Overall our experience with Cresco has been a pleasant one and we would certainly recommend Cresco’s services to friends and family.”

Scott & Amber R