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The Parks of West Bedford

Our newest pre-sale designs for functional family living

Cresco is thrilled to be underway building Phase 2 of Puncheon Way - one of the most desirable locations in The Parks of West Bedford. Each home is meticulously designed with modern features and layout options  focused on functional family living. Check out each design now and get in touch with our sales team to visit the lot, learn more about our build process, and more. 

Scott Strickey

Sales Manager, Cresco

Amanée Mousavi, Realtor®


Amer Haidar, Realtor®


Want a custom design?

Our experienced team is ready to make your dream home a reality.

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The best thing about working at Cresco is that everyone comes together as a team to achieve a common goal.

They value you as an individual and as part of team. I most appreciate that my feedback is valuable.

I often tell my friends, that Cresco is where I feel like I belong and anyone who joins the team will automatically and authentically feel the same.

Marcella Wilson, Investment Properties Team

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